Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kristin Roylance Does It Again.

Kristin Roylance is one of my favorite people to quilt for! Her quilts are always unique and adorable. She is also a master at piecing!!! Her quilts are sewn together perfectly every time. I owe her a million thanks for letting me quilt for her and using my quilting on the quilts in her book, "Cute Quilts for Kids." Check it out, it is a must have quilt book!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you have seen these photos before. If not check out my feed @mollylovelythreads.  This first quilt has dimensional petals as well as leaves. And did I mention ric arc?

These fish come to life with the dimensional fins. They might just swim off this quilt!

Lastly is my current favorite of Kristin's is this dimensional owl. The feathers! Plus I think the quilting turned out really fabulous on this one!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Town Square Quilt {Machine Quilting}

I am still dreaming about this quilt that I quilted for Lynda a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is called Town Square from Lori Holt's book, Quilty Fun. I think I need this book. 

 Here is a close up of the border. Here is how I quilted it from top to bottom. Outer border - scroll; star border - swirl vine; small border - inward loops; house border background - close loops; houses - stitch in ditch; trees - three leaves with squiggle up the trunk; inner most border - scroll.
 The colors in this quilt were delightful to look at! Lots of scrappy prints. On the inside patchwork, I kept the quilting simple with and orange peel design.
 See that cute log cabin block in the corner?
This is definitely one of my favorite quilts that I have quilted. Maybe Lynda will gift it to me when she is sick of it? ;)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Rain Check Quilt {Machine Quilting}

 It is raining hard outside. Really hard. If it stops, I might make it to the grocery store. In the meantime I have this Rain Check quilt on my mind. I quilted it for Ashley last week. I am always thrilled when my customers bring me a Thimbleblossoms quilt. I love Camille's style and enjoy every minute of adding the final quilting touch to her quilt designs.
 I decided to brush the dust off this blog to show off all of the background quilting designs I did in this quilt. I used almost every back ground design that I could think of.
 Starting from the white background, and working clockwise, i used the following designs: horizontal puddle lines, crackle, daisies, and straight vertical lines.
 Starting at the blue block and working clockwise: ribbon stipple, scallops (clamshells), vertical lines with curved ends, tight loops.
 Starting at the upper left: horizontal scroll, vines, peacock feathers, and horizontal stripe.
 Starting at the upper left and working clockwise: Greek Key, chevron, spirals, and honestly, I can't see what is on that last one. ;0)
 Starting at the yellow block, and working clockwise ending in the center: ribbon stipple, crackle, spiral, vertical wavy line, echo stipple, random wavy horizontal line, spiral, wavy horizontal line, and tight circle loops.
 We are going to work top to bottom, left to right on this one. Let's skip the navy block though. I don't remember what I did in that one. The next one has vertical lines with curved ends, peacock feathers. Row 2: basket weave, horizontal lines and scrolls, loops. Row 3: large pebbles, feathery spirals, horizontal lines with curved ends.
 Top row: horizontal lines with curved ends, spiral, diagonal wavy lines. Row 2: I don't know what is on the flowered block, clouds, spirals and pebbles. Row 3; diagonal wavy line, waves and spirals, and stipple.

And last, my favorite shot of the q hilt. I love the scallops on that yellow block. And the chevron back there on the light blue block. Which is your favorite?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Five Ways to Quilt a Butterly

 Lately I can't seem to commit to just one quilting motif. I find myself doing a lot of alternating designs. This fun butterfly quilt inspired me. I came up with five different ways to quilt the butterflies. I am sure you could come up with even more great ideas!
 Multiple spirals.....
 Inward loopies.....
 Big spirals......
 Half of a feather......
Stacked scallops.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chevron Quilting

I have always had difficulty deciding how to perfectly quilt a stacked coins quilt. This version is quite small, but perfectly adorable. It has a boyish flair, so obviously no flowers, like on this version.
 I finally decided on chevron quilting. Why didn't I think of it sooner? A little zig and zag was perfect for this quilt.
Posting this quilt got me reminiscing on all the chevron quilting I have done. Check out a few more of my quilting jobs with zig zags.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Robot Factory Quilt

 A good boy quilt is not always easy to come by. Am I right? The fun robot fabrics in this quilt are Robot Factory from Robert Kauffman. I loved the saturated colors and how the quilter added lots of prints from other lines. With lots of patterns and colors, as well as lots of piece work, I didn't want to over do it with the quilting. However, I did want to give the customer a custom look.
 Here is what I did. I did a squared stipple in the center block. This quilting always reminds me of a microchip. I only quilted a motif in the center stripe of those strip blocks. The inner and outer strips got a straight line right down the middle.
I alternated the designs between a spiral, ribbon, figure eight, and ovals. It turned out just right! Not too much quilting, but just enough for a custom look.
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