Quilting Prep

Following is a list of preparations I recommend making before you send your quilt to be machine quilted:
  • Batting and backing should be three to four inches bigger than quilt top on all four sides. For example: if your quilt is 60x60 your back and batting needs to be 66x66.
  • Quilt back should be square with no uneven edges.
  • For best results, clip all threads and press all seams on quilt top and back. I prefer the seams on the back to be pressed open.
  • Fold top, back, and batting separately.  Do not baste or pin.
  • I will do my best to quilt in puckers and fullness.
  • One side of your quilt must be smaller than 105” to fit on my machine.  For example: if you quilt is 90x108 it will fit nicely on my machine. If your quilt is 108x108, it will be too big. 

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