Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Favorite Quilt Binding Tutorials and Tips

I find that binding a quilt gives me a great deal of joy. The feeling of actually finishing a project to completion is almost indescribable. Last week I bound three quilts. Two for a client, and one of my own, Yay! 

When I first learned to quilt, my mom would have me fold the backing fabric over and hand stitch it down. While I love the simplicity and economy of that method, I much prefer attaching my own binding now. 

There are loads of great tutorials out there for quilt binding! I most recently discovered glue baste binding and it is now my go to method. While I really enjoy how relaxing hand binding can be, I rarely have the hours it requires to finish a quilt by that method these days. I have switched to machine binding with glue basting! 

Below are some great binding tutorials, covering several methods. These are the ones I have loved and tried, and even one I want to try next!

    • Jay Bird Quilts: Perfect Binding Tutorial (I love her explanation of how to join the ends continuously.)
    • SwimBikeQuilt: She has a method for corners I haven't tried. She also sews her binding to the BACK side, which I now want to try.
    • Trends and Traditions: Awesome tips for hand binding! This will save you tons of time! 
    • Craftsy: Glue baste binding. They use bias tape in the tutorial, but you can easily apply the glue method to traditional binding.
    • My Sweet Prarie: If you have a hard time with corners, try her stitch off method. 

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