Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fabric Covered Buttons Tutorial (stay tuned for a giveaway!)

I have to admit that I have always had a thing for fabric covered buttons. I love them on uphosltery, clothing, pillows, you name it. So I was thinking, why not keep it simple and just make fridge magnets with them. Sure we all hope that we are so completely neat and tidy that we don't hang stuff on the fridge, but if you have kids, you just can't get away with that.

So here's what you need. Fun fabric scraps,each button takes about a 3" square), a glue gun and glue, covered button kit, wire cutters, fabric scissors, magnets, and a pen.

First, open your pack of buttons, and be careful with the back because it contains the pattern piece to cut out the fabric circles. Now locate the button backs, and using the wire cutters, cut the metal loop in half, and take it off of the button back. Now you have a smooth surface to later glue your magnet to.

Now cut out the half circle pattern from the back of the package, and trace it on to your fabric scrap. It doesn't matter if you trace it onto the front or back, because you won't see the line later. You may want to center your pattern piece over the pattern printed on your fabric, especially if you are using a larger print.

Now take one of your fabric circles and lay it over the white mold piece that came with your kit. Make sure you center it as best you can.

Now smoosh your button front into the mold. The fabric will fold in on its own, mostly...

OK, this is the tricky part, and just so you are prepared, it is not fool proof. You now lay the button back over the front, making sure all of the edges are tucked underneath, then you use the blue circle to push them together. For best results do this on a hard surface and make sure you apply force evenly, or your back will go in crooked, and there is a good chance, you won't be able to fix it. Once you have forced them together, the completed button will easily pop out of the mold. If my instructions fail you, don't be afraid to follow the ones on the back of the button kit package.

Alas now all you have to do is glue your magnets to the back.

Now stick them up on your fridge or on your neat magnet board thingy. I love the simple shape mixed with the patterns of the fabric!


Toystory said...

Thank you, please enter me.

Deborah said...

that looks really do-able! and here i've been struggling with purse string sutures and whatnot. humph.

thanks for sharing!


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