Monday, April 21, 2008


I have a weakness for stacks of fabric. In fact, I like stacks so much that I'd probably even like a stack of ugly fabrics. The fabric cutting ladies at the store are likely irritated with me because I like to take the fabric cuts from them and stack them up nicely in the same shape and size. No, I'm not obsessive compulsive, I just like stacks!

Here is a stack of new and old fabrics of mine. I love the combinations and I'm excited to use them for a few new projects like..
  • The basic tote from this post. I haven't forgotten about it! I'll be putting together a tutorial and a giveaway like I promised.
  • I have a vision for a credit card keeper. It would make a great accessory for your tote!
  • I'm also working on an idea for a glasses/sunglasses case.

(sorry for the bad pic)


Pintoo said...

Love the dotted one

Abbey said...

Hey...I need something to keep my new sunglasses in! I'm just sayin if you need someone to test something out for you...I'm here for ya!

Robin said... mom and I love fabric stacks too.

coryshay said...

I've got the brown with blue flowers too... I'm thinking baby booties for a new baby boy!


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