Friday, May 23, 2008

Threaded Pear

We had a great time visiting with Gina Halladay in her booth - Threaded Pear. My favorite thing in her booth were the fun flower rugs which according to her blog, Quilters Buzz were a last minute addition. I guess I wasn't alone in loving them because she said they were the big hit in her booth, and she hasn't even written patterns for them. She suggested using them as a diaper changing pad. What a great idea! Check out her website and her blog!


Camille said...

Weren't those rugs great? I think I need one for my studio... anyway, it was so great to meet you at Market! I've read your blog for a while now, and it was so great to put a face with a blog. ;-) And how come we didn't get a picture at market?? I guess there is always next time!

Camille said...

ha ha- are you kidding? I'm glad you said that, it was the final push I needed to get moving on the new one! I owe you!


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