Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What is this? A scrapbook company gone quilting? What a great idea. I must say that I gave up scrapbooking a few years back when I realized that I just couldn't do everything, and my first love is quilting after all. I do hit the scrapbook store a couple of times a year. I like to make my own Christmas cards, and do the occasional shower invitation. When I visit these stores, I love all of the fun patterns and colors. Things are always changing and keeping fresh in the scrapbook industry. I love the designs that are crisp and cheerful. Sweetwater Scrapbook has crossed this look over into quilting. I love it! This is my most favorite quilt of thiers. I think it would make an awesome baby boy quilt. Maybe it would be fun to reverse the light and dark, although I do love a quilt with a light background.

Aside from the quilt patterns they have some other unique stuff, like these bag tags, and my other favorite from their booth, the fabric belts, which I could not find on the website. :(

This pillow really shows off the scrapbooky side, but I thought it was cute. Maybe their site doesn't have some of their new stuff on it because their booth also had a great name pillow which I could not find.

Check out their website for more quilts and fabric crafts!

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The Hoopes Family said...

This is really cute and gives me all sorts of new ideas for my new projects!!


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