Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Pillowcase Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a magical, no raw edges pillowcase! I just sewed up a couple for my kiddies and they love them. This would also be a great beginner project.

What you need:

Main fabric: ¾ yard
Cuff fabric: 1/3 yard
Ric Rac or ribbon trim: 1 ½ yard


Main fabric: 42”x27”
Cuff fabric: 42"x10”

Sewing Instructions:

You will need a nice flat work surface for this project.

1. Lay your cuff fabric right side up on your work surface. Next, lay your main fabric right side down on top of your cuff fabric, aligning the top edge. For this pillowcase I am using a pink Hello Kitty print for the main fabric, and a solid red for the cuff. In the photo above you can see that I have laid the pink fabric right side down on top of the red fabric.

2. Take the bottom of your main fabric and fold it up to about 2”-3” from the top edge. Now fold the bottom edge up again so that you can now see the cuff fabric.

3. Fold the cuff fabric in half by bringing the bottom edge up to the top edge. Your main pillow case fabric will be folded up inside of it.

4. Pin top edge and sew a ¼” seam along the top edge.

5. Pull the pillow case out of the cuff through the side opening. Press the cuff.

6. Fold the pillowcase in half right sides out, so the cuff runs along the side edge. Pin and sew 1/8” along the top and side edges.
7. Clip corners and turn wrong side out. Make sure that your corners are pushed out all of the way.

8. Pin again and sew ¼” around top and side edge making sure that you encase the first seam entirely in the second seam.

9. Turn right side out and press.

10. I added ric rac about one inch from the cuff seam. Simply fold the first end under, and sew a seam along the middle of the ric rac. When you get near the end, fold the raw edge under and sew over the beginning edge a few stitches.



Beth said...

This has gone on my to do list for Jaxon's big boy room. Thanks!

Lisa said...

I came to your site to enter the giveaway and am THRILLED to find this tutorial. I've wanted to make seasonal pillowcases for a long time. Thanks so much.

Evelyn said...

I was preparing to make one of these, but I think the instructions might have a typo - shouldn't the cuff be 42" by 10", instead of 10" by 27"? I know it needs to have one of the same dimensions as the main fabric, but I think it's the long edge, not the short edge!

Lisa said...

Just made my first pillowcase and am thrilled with the results. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial.


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