Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's in a Name?

Have you named your sewing machine? I guess I haven't own a sewing machine so wonderful that I have been forced to bond with it in that way, but I am looking forward to that in the future. I loved reading this post about what Shasta and Lola named their machines. Leave a comment by Friday over there at Gracie Lou's blog to win a prize. Leave a comment here to entertain me.

1 comment:

Sinta said...

I love this Hello Kitty machine! How fun:) I am one of those who has a name for her sewing machine: my Pfaff is named Betty. I really liked your quilt in the last post... I have some Fig & Plum and have been trying to think of a pattern to use it with. What is the name of the pattern you used?


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