Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

Don't you think this quilt is beautiful? I am in love with the colors and the crisp white accents. I am not familiar with this fabric line, but I love how the prints are a little tradiditonal yet really fresh. I am really glad to be done with this one however. It seemed to take forever. Large quilts are such a beast to quilt. Me and my short attention span get bored easily.
The client asked for a flower in the center of each block and leaves around the edge. With over one hundred blocks, I easily got bored before I was halfway done. Probably not as bored as the stitcher that embroidered nearly 50 of those cute daisies. They were stitched to perfection.
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Quilt Nut said...

another beauty! great job

Anonymous said...

You may not have enjoyed quilting this quilt but it was the 2nd choice for the Viewer's choice award at the Fiesta Days Quilt show in Spanish Fork. Did you know that?

Molly said...

Thanks anonymous commenter. I was in SF for the holiday, but missed the quilt show. I am not surprised that it won an award. It was really beautiful!


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