Friday, June 3, 2011

Ultimate WIP

Recently a customer brought me this beautiful star quilt. Her MIL had had it sitting around for several years. By the fabrics and colors I am guessing 20-25 years?

So it got me thinking about the projects I have laying around.

I started a quilt for G3 before he was born. I didn't get too far, and he is almost 14 months now.

I started some bibs for a friends baby. Never fished them and the baby is 2 1/2.

Bought some cute Sandy Gervais Christmas panels to make pillows to match my couch. I don't own that couch any more.

Started an Art to Heart applique nativity wall hanging about 6 years ago. My mom finished hers in a jiffy as usual. I am not planning on finishing mine.

I guess as a machine quilter I am better at finishing other peoples projects.

1 comment:

Bonny said...

oooo! the quilting is awesome!

I know how you feel about the unfinished projects. I have many...


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