Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Large Floral Spiral {Machine Quilting}

I had this quilt of my mom's in the "to-do" pile for way too long. I finally prioritized my time better, and got it done. The great debate for me on this quilt was how to quilt the petal portion of the flowers. Although the petals are pieced, the whole petal section is a circle which is appliqued to the background. Many of the ideas that were swirling around in my head were going to fight against that circle. In the end, the whole petal section got quilted with one big spiral, and the background with spiral swirl meander.


Anonymous said...

Nice!!! Beautiful quilt.
I like the spirals with the echoing of the flower. I am going to do a quilt this weekend and may try spirals. I am new to free motion quilting. Any hints?

Molly said...

My best hint is just to go for it. Spirals are probably my favorite type of quilting.


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