Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strawberry Fields Baby Quilt {Machine Quilting}

I quilted this quilt back in December. It was like a breath of springtime in the middle of a bunch of wintery quilts. I believe the fabric for this quilt is Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree.
I love how the color in this fabric line are both bright and fresh. Unfortunately I do not know the pattern name or designer.

I used several quilting motifs in this quilt that I would usually use on a floral type quilt. The patchwork section in the middle is quilted with a simple loop meander. I used my favorite flower border in the small white border, and repeated the flower in the corner sections of the outside border. The pieced border section of this quilt is really neat. I did a variation of a feather design, with a spiral vine instead of a heart shaped leaf.

Somewhere a cute baby girl is cuddled up in the quilt made by her grandma.

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