Friday, May 18, 2012

8 Point Star with Sash {Machine Quilting}

It is pouring rain outside.  The puttering of rain, and rolling of thunder give me the sewing itch!  After I write this post, I will be working on something fun for myself, which is a real treat!

I just sent off this 8 pointed star quilt yesterday.  I loved every minute of quilting it.  I love how this quilt took a classic 8 pointed star, and added some simple sashing, and strip pieced blocks to achieve a fresh design.

I wanted to incorporate the sashing into the background quilting of this quilt.  I chose these "kissing" circles.  They melted in nicely with the feather and swirl background quilting. I kept it simple in the patterned star blocks, by stitching in the ditch, and right down the center of each strip.

I also quilted horizontal lines in the border.  In the end I was left with another quilt that I wanted to keep for myself. (Sigh)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt!!! Where can I get the pattern?????


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