Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blue Plate Special by Quilt Soup

As Bonny mentioned in our welcome post, I am a professional machine quilter. I started my machine quilting business almost four years ago, so I could earn some extra money while being able to stay home with my children. It has proven to be a wise decision. I absolutely love machine quilting. If you would like to see a comprehensive collection of what I have quilted in the last nine months, check out my quilting blog. I plan on keeping the quilting blog going, but I will share my favorites here at the village shop blog as well.

This quilt is one of my favorites that I have quilted recently. It was pieced by my mom. The name of the pattern is Blue Plate Special by Quilt Soup. Most of the patterns by Quilt Soup are applique, but there are a few with no applique. Check out their pattern gallery here. I love how visually organized their quilts are.


Bubbles said...

What a fun quilt!!

Pintoo said...

Beautiful.. Looks like a vintage spl..


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