Sunday, July 18, 2010

It. was. epic.

Friends. Let me digress from sewing and crafting to share with you something ever so relevant to the theme of this blog.


You must know that more than once during the show it occurred to me that I had to share my excitement on this appropriately themed blog. Are you a Beatles fan? If so, you understand. If not, please excuse this sidebar of a post.

Highlights of the concert:
  • Live and Let Die with crazy fireworks
  • Old ladies dancing, waving peace signs, and crying. Old. I'm talking 70.
  • Hey Jude. It lasted forever and everyone was singing along.
  • Blackbird. I didn't realize it was about civil rights.
  • Let it Be. Paul solo at the piano.
  • This list could go on forever.
  • Every song he sang was AWESOME.
Here's me and my hubs at the concert. Pardon our appearance, we were dying of heat.
Thanks MOM for babysitting!!


Beth said...

I saw him the last time he made the loop through the US and he was AMAZING. My fave was "I Will" (which was one of our wedding songs) on George's ukulele.

Whosies said...

someone talked about it yesterday-- -and they said the same thing.

Louise said...

i have been a Beatles fan from day one! Some of my friends and I spent three nights in front of City Hall in Houston TX (both of my parents worked there) waiting for their arrival at the Colisseum across the street. Tickets were first come, first serve. I was on the front row!!!!!!!!!! My friends were elsewhere! It was a mad dash! I was 14 then. I am 61 now. I love the Beatles and i love sewing. Lovely Ritas is the place for me to be. I just hope you haven't stopped posting. Tell me you haven't.......please!


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