Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Dreaming of AB's Spring Line

Amy Butler's new spring line of fabrics is awesome. I'm certain most of you are familiar with her designs. The new collection is called Midwest Modern and I've already spotted my favs. I love almost everything in the Orange Dahlia set especially these:

But I can't ignore these from the Ohio Sky set!!!!

Or these from the Pink Dahlia set!!!!

(I'm a sucker for green, if you didn't notice)

Oh my goodness such wonderful fabrics! I want to drop everything today and just work on fun sewing projects! *sigh*

I've downoaded almost every single free pattern of her site. Grand!


Molly said...

Could someone please stock my studio with her full line? I love them. I am dying to make another swing bag, and a Barcelona skirt.

Robin said...

I made her Charm quilt last year, it was fun!
I love this new line too, especially all those circles.


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