Monday, June 2, 2008

Cross-Country Inspiration

While Molly was at the quilt market, I spent days in car on a cross-country move. I haven't been able to post any wonderful projects or ideas for such a long time! Amidst moving and a graduating husband, I have spotted a few things that I find inspiring.

First, on our celebratory trip to Savannah, I came across a cute little fabric shop. I was swept away by this cute little dress on a stand (what are those dress stands called?) on the steps. I really want a little dress stand for the dresses that I dream of making.
And then, I re-discovered a bakery in my new town. I recalled something about delicious cakes and pastries and had to stop by after work for something sweet. To my dismay, the shop was closed, but I got this great shot of the window display! That window display is screaming to me to make AND eat cupcakes and cookies in a cute apron.


Lola said...


Beth said...

Best window ever! THat orange cake stand is perfect!

Hope you are getting settled....

Molly said...

I am finally going to sew a skirt this week. It will be a store sample for Gracie Lou's. Pom Poms and ric rac are on it so it has to be cute.


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