Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sandi Henderson

Winning second place at Market for booth design was Sandi Henderson. I am really wishing I would have spent more time in her booth. Just look at those red chairs. Well the funny story behind her booth is that we spent a good chunk of time on day 2 of Market looking for the Portobello Pixie booth. We had grabbed a flier the day before and wanted to make some pattern orders. We never found the booth again, and Portobello Pixie was not in the catalouge. Well now I know it is because the booth would have been listed under Sandi Henderson, not Portobello Pixie, and why you might ask. The reason being is she has more to show than just her children's clothing patterns. Now you are wondering how we could be so brain dead as to be so confused, but I am telling you market was HUGE.

You may have seen the line Ginger Blossom in fabric stores. Well it belongs to Sandi. She has a new line that she debuted at Market, called Farmers Market. Doesn't it look fresh and yummy? Oh how I would love to make just about anything out of it! There are so many delightful photos on Sandi's Blog that you for sure are going to want to visit it yourself!

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