Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Storm

One of my best quilting clients is opening a quilt shop in my home town in a few weeks. As a result, I have been quilting up a storm to get her shop samples ready. Today I am showing three quilts I have done that are all Threaded Pear patterns. Speaking of Threaded Pear, and their patterns, click here, watch the video, and leave a comment to win FIVE of her patterns. Your choice!

The first quilt is Charming Log Cabin. You really need to check out Threaded Pear's sight to see this one. My photo is terrible, and the scallops are not on the top and bottom yet, which you really need to see. I just had to show the photo with the little stocking feet hanging over. That is a bit of my reality showing through. The quilting is as difficult to see in real life as it is in the photo, but I quilted it similar to this quilt.

This modern quilt is called Modern Day Diamonds. I can envision this out of fabrics from many of my favorite designers! It is also a great way to show off those large print fabrics!

The next two quilts are Suprisingly Super Simple. Really that is the name, but maybe she should have said, Suprisingly Super Cute. I love simple quilt patterns, and this one is no different. I quilted large flowers in each of these squares to coordinate with the fabric which is Jitterbug from Andover fabrics.

I alternated loops and diamonds in this cute cowboy version.

I will be posting heavily about my machine quilting this week. I try to include patterns and fabric collections if I can, but sometimes they are non existent. I hope you enjoy seeing what other quilters are sewing as much as I do!


Gina Halladay said...

Hey Molly

Love what you created with Threaded Pear patterns. It is still a thrill for me to see TP peojects! Happy quilting.

Bonny said...

I'm excited for Gracie Lou's. Did I spell that right?

Those quilts are so great.

The Hoopes Family said...

I love the Modern Day Diamonds. It would make a great bed spread!!

m e l said...

How fun to see those quilts finished!! You did a great job on them. I can't wait to see all of your finished quilts.


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