Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wanted: Scrabble Tiles

I have been on the hunt for an old Scrabble game at a yard sale so I can make these. There is an awesome tutorial over at Make and Takes. I think these would make great Christmas or Birthday gifts for friends. Really affordable too. You can also purchase these from HomeStudio over at Etsy, where else?


Eternal Sunshine said...

well, I probably shouldn't give away all my secrets - LOL!

I think I saw the same tutorial - or one similar.

I found A LOT of the pieces on ebay. Even in lots of up to 1000. I didn't need quite that many, at least not yet, so I found a smaller amount for a reasonable price on etsy. ebay has the largest selection, though.

Good luck! I'm going to start with Christmas presents, and go from there...

Beth said...

One of my favorite gifts is a pendant necklace from Etsy carved into the back of a domino:

Probably a bigger learning curve, but very cool.

Cathy said...

sorry I can't help you with finding the scrabble pieces. I just received my pendants from Home Studio and they are fabulous - I just love them.


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