Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cotton Blossoms Around the House.

My sister is so smart. Look what she did with a few yards of Cotton Blossoms to spruce up her house. To create her window sway, she simply cut a yard of fabric in half lengthwise, knotted both ends and pinned it to her sheers. No hemming or anything, she just made sure to tuck the raw edges in where they wouldn't be seen. She also adhered some Cotton Blossoms to her sofa table using Modge Podge. She said it was super easy. It is even cuter in person. I think Camille and Bonny would be proud!

I need to mention that this is our 97th post. Watch for our 100th post giveaway in a few days!


Erin and Steve said...

LOVE that table! makes me look around and wonder what I could do that to!

Beth said...

What an excellent idea for a table update! I have some tables in the garage I might practice on!


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