Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Arcadia by Senae

Have you seen the Arcadia line from Moda Fabrics? I'm completely smitten. It's a good thing none of you saw me drooling all over myself at the fabric store on Saturday. I planned to buy just a few 1/2 yard cuts, but how was I supposed to pick! I bought a charm pack instead.

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Moda's Arcadia line is by designer Senae. "Senae travels through the cities of her native Japan to find inspiration. Sometimes a Koi pond catches her eye or the vibrant night life of Tokyo will ignite a dramatic spark of creativity Senae can never predict where her inspiration will come from but it will undoubtedly yield beautiful results every time." Thanks for a great design Senae!

In addition to my charm pack, I ended up with 1/2 yard cuts of these delicious ones...


Scrappinfor3 said...

Yup, pretty much drooling:)

Cassidy said...

ditto. Where do you find this stuff?

Bonny said...

Cas! Sorry I never answered you before! I get most of my fabrics at small independent quilt/fabric stores. There's one in my hometown now and there are several throughout Salt Lake City. The prices are higher than you would see at Joann's but the fabric is much cuter. There are also tons of places to shop online... Fat Quarter Shop is the first that comes to mind. Small local stores sell online sometimes too though. See the button on the left sidebar that says Gracie Lou's ?


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