Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plate Wall

Do you mind if we take a quick break from hand made and move to Interiors? (My educational background is Interior Design.)

I saw this post here, and now I am thinking of changing my hoops to plates. It reminds me of my Grandma's house, but with modern style. I am now wishing I had photos of my Grandma's plate wall. She collected plates from all of the places she visited. (I had one from Amish country with a quilt on it and I broke it - drat.) Now her run down house is gone, and my sister's beautiful house stands in it's stead. I am missing the plate wall.


beth said...

ooh yes, I like that plate wall too!

Ringmaster said...

I miss the plate wall too. It was one of my favorite things about grandmas house.

Robin said...

Hmm, I love that idea.

amy smart said...

Oooo. THanks for sharing the plate wall inspiration. I have a perfect blank wall and I have a lot of my Grandma's old plates. This is what I want to do!


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