Friday, August 19, 2011

Harry Potter Quilt {Machine Quilting}

"I solemnly swear that I have been up to no good."

My cute cousin/babysitter made this quilt.
I quilted it for her graduated highschool last year/going away to college this year present.
I suggest clicking on the photo for a closer look. The swishing quilting behind the sorting hat turned out awesome.
Are you a fan? I still haven't managed to see the last three movies. All in due time I guess.


m e l said...

I want to come watch you quilt some time. You are awesome. We need to hang out - it's been forever since we've seen you guys! Every trip we've had to Utah this summer hasn't worked out, and my fall trip isn't looking to good either. Maybe Thanksgving . . . . . .

Beth said...

I haven't really bothered with the movies, I love the books so much. The quilting looks AMAZING!


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