Friday, October 21, 2011

Houston Quilt Market {Machine Quilting}

I don't get to go to Houston Quilt Market, but three quilts I quilted do. This top one will be at Anna Griffin's booth debuting her Blend Fabric line.
Love, love, love these ruffle flowers. This quilt will be at the Clover booth to advertise a new interfacing/ruffle product that Kristin is raving about. I want to try it too.
And the fairy quilt I showed you earlier will also be at the Anna Griffin booth. All three quilts designed and pieced by the super duperific Kristin of Cute Quilt Patterns.

So, anyone going to market and want to hook me up with some photos of my quilting?

1 comment:

m e l said...

Love, love, love these quilts Molly!


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