Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Terrible Twos

My baby turned two last week.  And just to celebrate being two he did something terrible.

The day after his birthday my mom was coming to visit.  I thought I would hurry and get a little table topper of hers quilted before she arrived.  I normally don't quilt in the mornings (after my kids are awake anyway) but I thought my boys would be OK for a bit playing in the next room while I quilted.

Sure enough said two year old wanders into the quilt room.  He usually knocks all of the thread off the shelf, and pulls fabric scraps everywhere, but today he decided to try something new.  He threw a penny at my machine while I was quilting.  Maybe it was talent, or maybe just bad luck, but that shiny new penny hit my shuttle/hook while it was moving and broke the hook into several pieces.

Quilt machines do not work without a hook.

So I have had a few days off, (during which time husband finally graduated from college! Yay!) and during which I have enjoyed then sun, and tried to get the house a all tidied up.

I get my machine back today.   I will be quilting like mad to get caught up!

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Justine Bishop said...

If I leave the door to my sewing room open, my 18 month old will wander in there (more like BOLT in there) and see what he can get into... One day I sat down to do a little sewing (or actually a lot of sewing~ 32 water bottle pouches for my 5 year old's field trip to the zoo) and as soon as I pressed the foot pedal I heard an awful noise and the machine stopped. I took the back off and found that he had put straight pins into the crack where the thread guide goes up and down. 24 of them. Egads. Little boys....


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