Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm behind on a lot of things these days. Today my Google Reader had over 800 unread items. I sifted through a few of them but decided the best thing to do is to "mark all items as read" and start fresh.

Here are a few goodies I've starred lately:

Baby Sun Hat Tutorial - Via the Purl Bee
Pleated Pocket Tutorial - Via Made By Rae
Ruffle Headband Tutorial - Via Say Yes to Hoboken
Pillow Slip Covers Tutorial - Make it and Love it

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I think this is the blog of Village Quilts in Garder Village? (if not sorry)...
I just recognize alot of the quilts...
If so, I just wanted to say thanks.. I was in town last week and visited there... a really nice lady helped me to pick out fabrics for my daughters new quilt (queen size, turquoise, black, white & hot pink)... I'm going to make it and post it on my blog as I go along...
Like I said, just wanted to say thanks! She was super nice and didn't look at me link I was crazy!!


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