Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming and Going

I was never a purse girl growing up. In fact, in highschool I carried a boy wallet in my back pocket. Gross! I don't even think I used a purse in college. Why would I want to carry around a purse in addition to my backpack? I'm not sure when I made the transition (sometime after 2005) but now, I'm a purse lover all the way.

This green purse was one of my first big exciting purse purchases:

On a trip to Vegas earlier this year, I had to have this one:

And on our camping trip in Canada this summer, I drooled over this one:

I've always like this Coming and Going bag by That Darn Kat and I'm restraining myself from buying the pattern from her etsy shop. Isn't it just cute? I def need something more causal for my collection.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Love the orange!!


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