Monday, October 22, 2012

Loopy Hopscotch {Machine Quilting}

I am always happy when a customer sends me a quilt from Camille's fabrics and patterns. Her patterns are classic yet fresh, and her fabrics just make me smile.

This quilt is the Hopscotch pattern. I did some research online before I quilted it to get some ideas. Camille's version, as well as several others I saw were quilted with parallel horizontal lines.  While I love the look of that style of quilting, it isn't the most convenient to do on a longarm machine.

I felt like the intricate piecing didn't need quilting with too much detail. I ended up choosing rows of loops, alternating the direction of tilt on every other row. These loops are a breeze to quilt and I love the texture it gave the quilt. 

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